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a public park in Cracow, Poland
1st prize in a competition

The winning proposal divides the area into eight zones: an educational garden, a public recreation and leisure area, a zone of special ecological protection, an area for residents and a water garden. In the recreation and leisure zone, the project involves creating walking and cross-country trails and numerous attractions for the residents: sports fields, cafe pavilions, outdoor gym, gazebo, and wooden platforms for relaxing.
Płaszowski pond is one of the most important natural reservoirs in Cracow. It has a rich breeding avifauna. It is a stopping place for migratory birds. It is also a wintering place for water birds when the reservoir is not covered with ice. Throughout the wintertime, you can spot small birds singing in the reeds.


landscape architects: Karolina Porada, Katarzyna Dorda, Joanna Szwed
investor: City of Cracow
area: 223 935 m2
realization planned: 2018-2019