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an installation
competition entry

The installation Puente de Vista refers to the local context on a few different levels. First and foremost, it commemorates the famous bridge in Logroño – Puente de Piedra. One of the oldest Roman bridges over the Ebro river had a great economic importance as a place of passage. Bridges, in general, symbolize progress, connections, and stability. It is a way to overcome obstacles and it represents transitions. Puente de Vista may not let you cross a physical barrier but will take you on a journey. It gives an opportunity for a change of perspective, seeing things in a new way. Puente de Vista is a transition between two realities – one before and one after. In a more literal sense, the bridge is also a new viewpoint in a beautiful land at Viña Lanciano. The visitors can have a look at the whole surrounding of the vineyard and the hills of the region. Puente de Vista gives the local people a chance to look at their breathtaking land with a new appreciation. The main actor of the installation is not the bridge but the view itself. The installation is only a mean to a greater goal – opening up to a new perspective.
The shape of the construction is not random. The length and height ratio comes directly from the proportions of Puente de Piedra in Logroño. The cross-section shape represents the riverbed of Ebro. Although fans of delicious local wine Rioja will recognize in it the bottom of the wine bottle. Puente de Vista elevates the spectator at a height of over 1,20 m where everyone can admire the vast fields of the vine. The vertical platforms create steps of 0,30 m depth which allows a comfortable walking the stairs. The highest platform with nearly 1 by 1 m gives enough space for people to pass while still interacting.
A dovetail joint is a joinery technique commonly used in traditional timber framing. Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart (tensile strength).

authors: Urszula Batkiewicz, Katarzyna Dorda, Aleksandra Kubacka
competition: Concéntrico
site: Viña Lanciango de Bodegas LAN, Logroño